Gothenburg Local Information

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Local Information.

Information about the hosting city for the IXth ENYSSP Workshop, Gothenburg – 25th-26th October 2013


The venue is the house of Swedish Sea Rescue Organisation
This is what it looks like

A map over all important places so far

Hotel/hostels 22-30euro/ night 22-58euro/night (hostel and hotel) 22-27 euro/night 20-30 euro/night

It’s a little distance between the hostels and the place where we will have the workshop, the same tram passes all the hostels and it takes 10min with the tram.


Gothenburg has two airports (Landvetter and Gothenburg City) to where you can fly from almost all bigger cities in Europe. It’s also possible to fly to Copenhagen or Oslo and then take train to Gothenburg. The train takes 4 vs. 3 hours. 

To Landvetter

Bus from the airport

To Gothenburg City (a little smaller airport)

Fly with Ryanair or Wizz Air

Travel within the city

The easiest and nicest way to travel within the city is by the blue tams. You can not pay with coins in the trams and with credit card on only the newest once. I suggest you to buy a tram-card for three days (150sek). With that card you can go anywhere in the city for 72 hours.

This card you can buy at the Central Station and the kiosks called “Pressbyrån” or Seven Eleven. Read more about it here.!/en/2/6/

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