Lisbon 2006

Lisbon 2006Attendants

There were 63 attendants to the Third ENYSSP Workshop coming from 11 different countries. The majority of attendants came from Portugal (51%), but the workshop had a strong international presence with 49% of the participants coming from 11 different European countries. The Third ENYSSP Workshop was held during two days.


The first symposium welcomed Leonel Pontes (soccer coach) and Joaquin Dosil (sport psychologist) for a presentation about “Psychology of Elite Soccer”. The Keynote speaker of the first day was Pedro Jorge with “Psychology in Weight Management – The research view”. The second symposium introduced Teresa Branco (Specialist in Weight Management) and Antonio Palmeira (Specialist in exercise psychology) with “Psychology in weight management in a commercial setting”.

On the second day, three workshops were held with Urban Johnson (“Sport psychology and injuries”), Esther Nederhof ( “Psychological aspects on overtraining”), and Cristina Rolo (“Applying Sport Psychology to improve Performance and Well-being in different Contexts”). Our second keynote speaker was Marcus Raab with “Decision-making in sport”. The Third ENYSSP workshop ended with a symposium with Luís Horta (European committee of doping control) and Sidónio Serpa (researcher on psychology of doping) on “Psychological aspects of doping”.


The Third ENYSSP Workshop was held at vseridade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias the Lisbon, and supported by Univseridade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Radisson Hotel.