Ghent 2005

Ghent 2005Attendants

There were 64 attendants to the Second ENYSSP Workshop coming from 9 different countries. The majority of attendants came from Belgium (48%) and The Netherlands (27%), but the workshop had a strong international presence with 25% of the participants coming from 8 different European countries. The Second ENYSSP Workshop was held during two days.


The Applied Sport Psychology Symposium had three different presenters from three different countries by Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij (BEL), Antonio Palmeira (POR), and Anne-Marie Elbe (GER). The Education Sport Psychology Symposium was held by Caroline De Roose (BEL), Elke Van Hoof (BEL), and Vana Hutter (NED).

During the two days, Applied Sport Psychology workshops were organised by Bert De Cuyper & Filip Boen (BEL), Fabrice De Zanet (BEL), Rita Oliveira (POR/ NED), Chris Van De Plas (BEL), Marc Delpierre (BEL), and Leen Gansbeke (BEL).

Keynote speaker was Luis Rocha (POR) with his personal view as a coach on the role of a sport psychologist.


The Second ENYSSP Workshop was held at the Huis van de Sport at Ghent, and supported by the Vlaamse Liga voor Gehandicaptensport, Vitasport, Vlaamse Vereniging voor Sport Psychologie and many Belgian Applied Sport Psychologists (SPOC, Sport Support, Optimum Coaching, Heavy Mental, Leen Gansbeke and Psy4Sport.)