Case Submission Advice

Rationale and Aims Procedure Case Submission Advice Consent and Confidentiality

When presenting your case, you might want to consider the below points. Presenting your case in this way, or covering as much as you can of what is suggested, will help you to give structure to your case and assist those who will read it to develop a basis in order to ask relevant questions in the session.

  •  Why the client (athlete, coach, team etc.) say they wanted sport psychology input
  • Case formulation/needs analysis
    • A short background of the client
    •  ‘Set off’ behaviour/s, triggers relevant to the issue
    • Describe any resultant effects of the issue, factors that influence, maintain and/or increase the behaviour/s
    • Describe any client engage in any coping mechanisms that the client engages in
    • Intervention delivered so far, objectives, any underpinning technical/theoretical rationale
    • Response to the intervention so far, if any
    • Your main question for this case Personal reflection/evaluation of the process


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  • APA (simplified)
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  • 1.5 spaced