Registration page

How to become an ENYSSP member?

Read about benefits of being a member

Becoming a member can now be done through an online form or through the completion of a form that must be sent in.

Choose which option you want to use.

Online form and payment through Paypal


  1. Go to Paypal Website
  2. Complete paypal payment (and paypal account if you want to open one and haven’t already got one)
  3. Complete registration for Enyssp
  4. Receive password in email
  5. Start using website and enjoy the benefits of ENYSSP membership

Recurring membership options (renewed automatically annually) will be available when clicking this button.

or, if you want to do this manually, you can

  1. Download form below
  2. Complete and send it to the secretary
  3. Pay online through online banking
  4. Wait for online registration to use website

Click here for Manual completion of the membership form