Bank Transfer

  1. Step 1

Pay €15 to ENYSSP

(1) Belgian residents or Fortis members can pay via: ENYSSP – Kortrijksesteenweg 840, 9000 Gent. The bank account number is 001-418685- 018.

(2) Euro-zone members don’t have to pay extra fees if you take with you both IBAN Number and Swift Code/ BIC Number to your local bank.

You can pay via:

ENYSSP – Kortrijksesteenweg 840 – 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

The IBAN Code is: BE50 0014 1868 5018.

The Swift Code/ BIC Number is GeBaBeBB.

3) Non-Eurozone Members (all other countries): Take with you both IBAN Nr. and Swift code/ BIC Number to pay the membership fee. You’ll need to pay an extra fee on your transaction. Ask your local bank how much you have to pay extra. Note: Add the following message: “Membership fee ENYSSP ‘Year’ + your name


Step 2

You’ll receive an official notification of membership and start networking!

If you experience any problems, just contact the General Secretary.