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  • You receive extended advice
    Which books should I read to become a specialist in sport psychology? What is the Ethics Code I should uphold when working in the field of sports? How can I advertise my services? What are the most useful questionnaires in my field? Our departments will help to answer these and any other questions you may have.
  • You find useful information for your profession
    New books and articles are frequently published. ENYSSP keeps young specialists informed about the most recent publications. Also, ENYSSP distributes news on recent job offers and future conferences. Moreover, ENYSSP informs its members about Masters programmes in Sport and Exercise Psychology all over Europe. The information is distributed via our Newsletter, Flash news (monthly) and website.
  • You receive suggestions about great tools
    Which statistical analysis should I use to look for differences between two groups of athletes? How can I organise a teambuilding session with my athletes? How should I network with specialists in my topic of interest? How should I start up my private practice? The ENYSSP departments offer useful tools, checklists, questionnaires, case studies, references and much more to support young specialists in the delivery of quality work in the field of sports.
  • You meet other ENYSSP members and other specialists in sport and exercise psychology
    ENYSSP has members all over Europe and the world. ENYSSP links young specialists in sport psychology, and practitioners in sport and exercise (such as trainers, athletes, physiotherapists) in general. ENYSSP helps its members meet with other specialists in their field or domain during the yearly ENYSSP Workshops and other ENYSSP-supported events.  ENYSSP offers you an exclusive chance to discuss applied cases with colleagues around the world during our regular Peer consulting sessions. You can exchange ways to improve your teaching skills online during Teasers for Teachers. ENYSSP also advertises the interests, practice or research of its members on the ENYSSP web site. You can voice your concerns when encountering problems in your education or profession. ENYSSP collaborates with other federations such as FEPSAC, ISSP and AASP. ENYSSP will be your voice if you want to provide them with new ideas or suggestions. It is our objective to offer different perspectives on the field of sport and exercise psychology.
  • You get access to the website
    With access to the members section of the website, you can view the archive of newsletters, BSOMe summaries, and Monthly Flashes. With an account, it is also possible to track your bookings for events, such as workshops, Online meetings and submission deadlines. Maybe, even later, there will be the opportunity to interact with other members online (tbc).

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