Flash News August 2014

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  • Workshop program is online!
  • We are pleased to announce that the program of 10th ENYSSP workshop in Leipzig this fall is now online. You can check it at our website: http://enyssp.org/w2014/3894. In addition, the organization committee has posted some information about how to travel to and around Leipzig: http://enyssp.org/w2014/3897.

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  • Membership registration / renewal 2014

PayPal - Membership can be registered or renewed online through our website (through PayPal recurring payments).  Those who have signed up with PayPal in the past will automatically have their membership renewed.

Paper Form - For members that choose the manual form process, please remember to register on the website as well. This insures you will have a user account with which you can utilize the features on the website.

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