Applied Department


Applied Department

The ENYSSP applied department has many goals to accomplish, such as creating a forum in which specialists in applied sport psychology all over Europe (and other parts of the world) can interact and learned from each other. Furthermore, we will make available on our website to ENYSSP members practical worksheets, case studies, references and summaries of useful books on diverse applied topics, etc,…

With the cooperation and participation of all ENYSSP members interested in the applied area, it is our goal to build a good data base with applied resources readily available to all members. Feel free to contact the applied department coordinators Mark Schuls or Pete Schneider if you have any materials or information you would like to share with other professionals. These will be published in the ENYSSP website. Your name will be published together with the materials you sent to ENYSSP, as a way to recognize your contribution. Your contribution may also remain anonymous, if you desire so.

In order to make conferences more appealing and beneficial for practitioners, it is also our goal to strive to increase the number of sessions on applied topics or workshops at main conferences in our field.  By tightening the connection between sport psychology practitioners and by sharing knowledge, it is our hope that we will contribute to foster the quality of our professional practices in sport psychology.

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